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Cheek Augmentation or Cheek implants in Delhi-India

Every person deserves to look beautiful and charming. Facial features play an important role in giving people the desired appealing look. Among all the facial features, the cheekbones and jaw line make up the most photogenic areas of the face and are of utmost importance as the perfection of facial structure largely depends of the shape and contour of the cheeks. Many people are not satisfied with their faces for a variety of reasons. One thing that some are unhappy about is their cheeks. They feel that their cheeks do not have enough youthful roundness or they have witnessed their cheek’s curviness drop with age. As a matter of fact, the overall appearance of the face is chiefly determined by the structure of the cheeks. Loose, skinny or flat cheeks diminish the aesthetic appeal of the face and might give a misleading impression of being worn-out or aged.

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Ageing is another factor that might disappoint people and prevents them from having youthful looking cheeks. As one gets older, the face is one of the first parts of the body to show age. One of the problems often notices is that the cheeks are no longer plump when a person grow old. Perhaps there is a loss of facial definition which makes one look older than their sequential age. For all such situations, cheek augmentation is an ideal solution that can aid people. If you are not content with weak and saggy cheeks and would like a more conspicuous cheekbone, cheek implants at Sculpt Clinic Delhi can help you obtain this look. Additionally, cheek implants or cheek augmentation can help you to achieve a younger look. It is a simple process that most people prefer to undergo so as to achieve a desired beautiful facial look that can match with their overall personality.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

At Sculpt Clinic Delhi, Cheek augmentation improves facial appearance by giving your cheeks better volume and definition. It is a delicate cosmetic procedure which is performed to highlight the cheekbones of an individual's face by making them more noticeable. This remarkable process allows a person to have a youthful face full of life. It is very interesting to quote that the normal flawless cheek is the one that has prominence towards the side of about one finger scale from the front view. From the side, the cheek should form a distinct peak in front and below of the eye. Moreover, both cheeks and the chin should form a well-adjusted triangle with roundness and definition. Since the cheek is a three dimensional development, it is perhaps very hard to define a normal cheek. Known to be an effective procedure, cheek augmentation is primarily intended to accentuate the cheeks on a person's face. To augment the cheeks, a plastic surgeon may place a solid graft or implant over the cheekbones, to give it a suitable shape.

Cheek implants come in varied shapes and sizes. Patients can be encouraged to go for a balanced look as implants that are excessively large or not positioned properly can throw the face off balance. If there is hollow area below the cheekbone, special implants may aid fill this region.

Cheek Implants Candidates

Cheek implants improve a person's facial looks and boost self-esteem in a significant manner. They give your face a more proportional and balanced appearance. Cheek implants on old aged patients allow a face to have a fuller look, especially if the face is looking sunken in, haggard, or aged. In certain cases, many younger women having flat cheekbones go for cheek augmentation or implants to get the attractive high cheekbone look of famous fashion models. In a nutshell, we can say that people who undergo cheek implant surgery are able to enrich their appearance and their self-esteem as well as self-possession. In the recent years, this surgery has become progressively more popular among many women, and even some men.

Cheek Augmentation Procedure

On the technical terms, the cheek augmentation surgery is very simple. It generally involves freezing up the cheek area and usually making an incision inside the mouth, in the area of the cheek bone. Then, the surgeon separates the neighboring tissues around the bone, and places the implant in that area. Some surgeons prefer to place the cheek implant in a lower eyelid incision, or during a facelift the implants can conveniently be placed using the routine facelift slit. It also depends upon the patients to a large extent as how much large they would like their cheek implants to be.

There are other people who feel that they have fat cheeks. With the help of cheek fat removal surgery, the excess flab is removed from this area and this can add some definition to the cheek region. It is a relatively very safe procedure that has become a very common procedure in the recent few years, in which a small incision is made inside the mouth and a minor portion of fat can be easily removed.

After Care and Recovery

After the surgery is concluded, the treated area is dressed and ointments are applied to diminish uneasiness and swelling. The extent of any pain, other side effects or swelling varies and depends largely on many factors. It is advisable not to sunbathe after surgery, especially for the first few months if you want to recover fast. Also, make sure to keep the incision lines clean and use ointment to keep the incision line moist. If you experience a specific pain in the area or swelling, you should immediately inform the doctor. Instead of getting panicked, you should seek doctor’s help if you notice a fluid draining from an area of a wound. Moreover, if you were given some antibiotics or other medications, take them as directed.

Post-surgery, there is some amount of risk of infections involved. These risks include post-surgery bleeding, development of a blood clot and severe swelling. Unevenness is also a risk with all procedures of cheek augmentation. Patient can feel some amount numbness as well.

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Purpose:To correct irregularity of cheek bones and jaw bones and even chin. It is a scar-less surgery.

Duration of Procedure:1-3 hours

Anesthesia:General/local with sedation

Recovery Time:Can get back to work within 7 days.

Longevity of Results:Permanent