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Chin Reshaping & Augmentation in Delhi-India

Many people define beauty as having a well-shaped jaw line and sharp chin. Just like the nose, the position of the chin not only plays an imperative role on the silhouette of the face and neck but helps form an impression as well of an individual’s character. A well-defined and precise chin that is in proportion to the rest of the face reflects positive character traits and reveals an image of strength and pleasing personality. On the contrary, a weak or sunken chin can give a contradictory impression about a person.Also, a weak chin can make the appearance of normal nose look much large. It may even give plump appearance to the neck. There are many unfortunate people who are not privileged enough to be born with an attribute of a perfect and well-defined chin and there are many others who, because of some accident or mishap, lose their perfect chin shape. For such people, a chin augmentation surgery is just like a boon as with its help, they can change the look of their chin and can get the opportunity of improving the facial contour as the surgery usually corrects defective proportions caused by an under bite or frail and saggy chin.

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Chin implant surgery is an easy and straightforward procedure that can make a big difference in your profile and the connection of the lower face and neck to the upper face.This surgery has gained extremely high popularity in the recent years and many people undergo it, especially the ones who are not satisfied with the shape and form of their chin and desire to alter it for getting much enhanced facial beauty.

What is Chin Reshaping Surgery?

It is undeniable that the chin plays a significant role in the overall facial structure. People who have weak chins may have poor development of the whole jaw bone. Such people can take the shield of chin augmentation or chin implant surgery that can play a major role in enhancing the contour of their face and will also bring balance to the face by making the chin much more equivalent to the rest of the facial features. Chin augmentation is a growing area of cosmetic plastic surgery that is advantageous to persons who have problems such as a receding chin or a prominent chin.

Chin augmentation surgery is a common facial plastic surgery procedure, which brings stability to the facial structure by amending a chin problem that is a result of any congenital deficiency, age-related jawbone resorption or facial disturbance. The surgery can change the shape of the chin by enhancing it either through an implant or by reducing the bone or moving the bone frontward, thus giving a balanced and more synchronized look to the face.With this procedure, you can tone up your ebbing or weak chin by transforming its projection.

Chin Reshaping Surgery Candidates

Chin augmentation surgery is an appropriate solution for both women and men, who are unhappy and dissatisfied with the shape and size of the chin. Through the careful insertion of artificial implants, small chin can be improved. Furthermore, you can opt for this surgery in the following circumstances:

1: If you have a weak, receding chin and have a desire to improve the appearance of your profile by amplifying the projection of your chin

2: If you have a vague or weak jawline that deters you face from having a perfect frame or is unable to separate your neck.

3: If you have a desire of enhancing the delineation and fullness of your cheeks.

4: In case you wish to renovate contour and proportion to your facial structure that has gone deficient due to aging.

5: If you wish to correct facial irregularities resulting from injury or inherited conditions.

Chin Augmentation Procedure

There are usually two main types of surgeries that are done for the chin, depending on whether the person has a bite problem or not. If it is merely a cosmetic problem, a chin implant or reduction can work sufficiently. However, if someone is having a difficulty with their bite, a malocclusion of the teeth (TMJ syndrome) mayexist and this needs to be treated dynamically. In the process of repairing the dental configuration, the chin is supposed to be revolved into the proper position as well. The chin implant can be inserted in two ways i.e. either from outside or inside of the mouth. In case of larger implants, mainly if they add more bulk to the side jaw, they are positioned through a skin incision made underneath the chin.In many cases, augmentation is also be done by sliding the bony chin beside adding or deducting bone from the chin area to either increase or decrease the facial stature.

Though, chin implants come in all shapes and sizes but, they must rest on the bone. The main goal of these implants is to provide great contour to your chin and balance it with the rest of your face.

After Care and Recovery

A facial dressing will be done for a period of 7 days after the completion of procedure. It is advisable not to sunbathe after procedure, particularly for the first few months. You have to keep the incision lines clean and have to use ointment to keep the incision line moist. If you experience any zones of special pain or inflammation, if there is fluid draining from an area of a wound or you should consult your doctor immediately. In case you were given antibiotics or certain medicines, consume them as prescribed.

It should be noted that in case of implant infection, the implant must be detached and replaced after few days. It is a complex surgery and in some cases, there are probabilities of implant displacement.

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Purpose:This is a scar-less procedure that corrects/augments chin.

Duration of Procedure:1-3 hours

Anesthesia:General/local with sedation

Recovery Time:Can be back to work within 7 days.

Longevity of Results:Permanent