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Appearance is really important and the way you look marks your confidence and self-esteem. It is very true that age brings deep crinkles on your face. Aging is inevitable and as people grow older, the skin begins to sag and they start getting wrinkles. The effect of severity, revelation of skin to sun and daily life stress are some auxiliary factors for the jawline to grow limp and slack, resulting in folds and fat deposit around the neckline area. This is a common problem that disturbs both sexes equally. Undoubtedly, one cannot reverse the natural aging process, but, can deal with it and get the young and fresh look back with the help of facelift cosmetic surgeries.

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As a matter of fact, apart from other body parts, the face shows some of the most traceable signs of aging. Kids and youngsters have even, smooth and good textured skin with well-defined facial silhouettes as there is uniform distribution of fat and natural attachment of muscles. However, as time passes by, skin begins to wrinkle and droop as a result of age and many other factors, giving a much older appearance to your face.Wrinkles and folds are the most prominent signs of age that others can notice. In this course of time, the dependent areas like the jaw line and the areas of utmost motion like the line between the nose and mouth show the first signs. For such people, facelift in Delhi at Sculpt Clinic is an ultimate option to choose. The purpose of facelift and neck lift surgeries are to revitalize the outer look of face by tightening the skin and muscles of face, chin as well as neck.

What is Facelift Surgery?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure through which, men and women who are beginning to see the signs of aging can get their young look back. At Sculpt Clinic Delhi, Facelift Surgery is much-admired as an age confronting surgery that can effectively address aesthetic concerns such as surplus facial fat, flabby fat pockets and skin, loss of perfect neck line, loss of jaw line, loss of skin flexibility, slack muscles and poor facial skin tone. This remarkable surgery also enables reallocating the facial fat and skin, and raising the fallen facial muscular tissues.

Transformation of the aging face with the help of face lift surgery has continued to be one of the most well-known facial plastic surgery procedures since many years and even today, most people turn their preferences towards a face lift surgery in order to conceal the most prominent signs of aging.

Facelift Candidates

The basic motive of people behind undertaking a face life surgery is to alter the appearance of their facial features. Given below are some significant facial characteristics that make you a suitable candidate for facelift surgery:

1: Slumped skin in your mid face or jawline

2: Lines spreading from each corner of your mouth down your chin.

3: Deep crumples extending from your nose to the corners of your mouth

4: Sagging and damage of muscle tone in the lower face, leading to cause jowls

5: Facial volume that has fallen or is out of place.

6: A double chin that has formed due to loose skin and superfluous fatty deposits under the chin and jaw

7: Puckered skin of the neck

Apart from the above points, facelift procedures are suggested for people who are physically as well as mentally healthy and do not smoke.

Facelift Procedure

Facelift is usually performed by doing least possible incisions in the temple, in front of ear and around ear lobe. After the incision part, the skin is raised and underlying sagging muscle layer is fixed in natural position. Excess of skin is also removed and in certain cases, fat is removed from beneath the chin and neck. Finally, the surgeon re-drapes the skin over the new underlying structure and seals the incisions with stitches small metal clips. Many new methods allow the surgeon to complete this procedure with minimum hidden incisions using endoscopic instruments. A face lift is normally performed in arrangement with other procedures such as blepharoplasty, forehead lift, chin liposuction or chin augmentation, so as to reach an overall up gradation of face.

In facelift laser treatment, the identical operation as a standard facelift surgery is done, only using the laser. This technique takes longer time. Though, there may be less bruising in the immediate week or two after the completion of procedure, the amount of extra skin removed and the compression of the tissues is totally the same.

After Care and Recovery

After the surgery, you may be positioned in a compression garment or wrap instantly after surgery. Wear this unerringly as directed. You can remove the entire dressing the next morning or the doctor will do it for you. For better curing, cold packs may be applied to the face for 48 hours as after that, they won't have much effect. Stitches remain in about five days and clips for about two weeks. You might feel some tightness and heaviness, especially while chewing. It is advisable not to sunbathe after procedure, specifically for the first few months. Keep the incision lines clean and you should use hydrogen peroxide to clean off the blood, if it oozes out. Moreover, ointment is an apt thing to keep the incision line moist. As far as washing hairs is concerned, you may wash them gently the day after procedure. Cleanse it lightly and use a brief spray of water. You don't have to run the water profusely through the hair.

Also, you have to seek the doctor’s help immediately if any areas of special pain or swelling are there or if there is fluid coming out from an area of a wound. If you notice a certain area that is especially red and tender, please let the doctor know. Apart from this, make sure to take the medicines as directed.

After the surgery, small differences can occur. The face will tend to get flat as you move it once again. Many patients can feel some numbness and there can be loss of hair.Women tend to lose the tuft of hairs just above the ears. Therefore, before going in for the face lift procedure, make sure to discuss all this with your surgeon.

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Duration of Procedure:3-5 hours

Anesthesia:General/local with sedation

Recovery Time:7 to 14 days required to get back to work. Mild swelling and bruising may perhaps continue for a couple of days

Longevity of Results:Long lasting, you will look about 10 years younger than your age.