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Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer in Delhi-India

Undoubtedly, everybody cherishes a toned up body. A perfect body shape not only augments your beauty but also provides a lot of confidence. Many people have contour insufficiencies on their body that may be a significant aesthetic worry for them.Some parts of their body might have excess fat while some parts don’t. This creates an ill-defined body shape, which of course, nobody wants to have! Apart from this, aging is another factor that distresses people. We all know that aging process isn’t always generous. It can leave you feeling emotionally collapsed as well as physically deflated. Over a time, your body can lose fat and capacity and leave you looking elder than you actually are. A substantial loss in volume can rob your youthful look. Luckily, there is a miraculous procedure that can help restore you back to your usual self if you have contour deformities. There is a type of a cosmetic surgery called fat transfer or fat grafting in which, the excess fat is removed from one area of the body, cleansed, and then is used to fill in some other area.

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What is Fat Transfer Surgery?

As the name suggests, "fat transfer" refers to a procedure where fat from one part of the body is removed, processed, and then re-inserted back into another part of the body to enhance its volume and provide an improved contour. Primarily, Fat transfer, also referred to as fat injection, is a safe and natural approach that provides dramatic results for improving volume loss and indeed plays a vital role in cosmetic procedure. In the process, fat is injected into areas requiring volume-enhancement and thus, produces extremely safe, long-lasting, and natural-appearing effects. Fat grafting usually involves harvesting fat from one part of the body, purifying it, and then carefully re-injecting it with specifically designed needles into the areas of the body requiring amplification.

Fat transfer has been successfully performed for the last 25-30 years and is considered to be one of the most logical choices for reversing signs of aging.It is a highly preferable procedure because it uses fat already present in your body and no outside material is used. Therefore, it is an absolutely natural process of moving fat from one zone to another of your body.Being a long lasting and safe process, At Sculpt Clinic Delhi India, it is an efficient treatment used for changing body contour, revising scars, filling depressions created by liposuction, and also for renewing the hands and face. Most importantly, it pardons the patient the inherent risks associated with fillers derived from animals or cadavers.

Fat Grafting Candidates

Fat transfer is an important procedure through which, healthy, fit, active patients can reshape their bodies to highlight muscle tone and definition. Individuals with excess fat in certain noticeable parts of their body are the ideal candidates for the fat transfer procedure. This is a fat grafting procedure that focuses on the areas that have extra fat and those areas are trimmed in the process. Commonly grafted or injected areas include the hands, face (including lips), depressions in the skin (subsequent liposuction and blemishing) and the breast and buttock (for intensification). For the need of the procedure to be performed, you must have donor sites from which fat can be taken. Also, it is important that you do not have any circulation problems, either resulting a medical condition or smoking. Usually, patients who are considered ideal for fat injection are expected to be in good health. If you have a history of irregular bleeding or swelling, you should inform your surgeon before the treatment. As a matter of fact, each patient's examination and proportions vary, and therefore, the decision to use fat injection techniques depends on the objectives of the patient as well as the concerned surgeon.

Fat Grafting Procedure

At Sculpt Clinic Delhi, The procedure is mostly initiated by using a cannula. Fat is harvested using a special suction cannula by means of sterile technique. Once enough fat is taken from the donor region, it is supposed to be purified. This purification or cleansing often requires the use of a centrifuge which twirls the fat and removes impurities. After making it fully clean, the fat is then inserted into the areas demanding augmentation. The injection needle is frequently inserted in and out of the areas to be augmented number of times. This crafts a 'grid' of threads of fat graft. The areas that were vaccinated may then be massaged by the surgeon to create a suitable shape. After treatment is finished successfully, the dressing is placed carefully to the treated area.

In most cases, this procedure might be desirable to be repeated several times so as to achieve the desired result. Swelling is a condition that is usually seen after fat is injected. However, it goes within 2-3 weeks. The degree and level of swelling mostly depends on the area injected.

Post Procedure Care and Recovery

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Summary :

Duration of Procedure:Takes about 1-1.5 hours approx.


Recovery Time:7days can resume routine activity in 2 weeks.

Longevity of Results:Permanent, subjected to aging effects.