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Hair Transplant in Delhi-India

Hairs are one of the most significant physical assets and for owning a pleasing personality, it is important for us to have healthy and lustrous hairs. This bit becomes challenging for people who encounter hair loss issues. Alopecia or hair loss can be a daunting problem, especially for women and younger people. It is a common problem that affects both men and women. There are many different reasons due to which, a person becomes an easy target of hair loss concerns. Stress, diseases, ageing, some medical treatments and genetic history of baldness are some of the most prominent reasons of hair loss.

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At Sculpt Clinic Delhi, It has been observed that there are many people who confuse hair loss with hair fall. There is a line of difference between the both. Hair fall is a natural daily occurrence that almost every person has to face at some point of time in life. As a part of a scientifically proven fact, human head contains over 100,000 hairs and one normally sheds 150 to 200 hairs a day, depending upon person to person as every hair is genetically programmed in their own way. This is a customary situation and is temporary. On the contrary, hair loss is largely caused by ageing, change in hormones and family history of baldness and if hair loss is left untreated for a long time, it can take a dreadful turn towards baldness. Hair transplant in Delhi at Sculpt Clinic is the most trusted hair loss treatment.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation or hair restoration is one of the most effective solutions in the modern times. It is chiefly a cosmetic procedure that helps people get back hairs they lost. In the scientific terms, it is the process of transferring hair to eliminate bald areas of the head. This is one of the most efficient types of permanent hair loss remedies known by far. The main aim of hair restoration is to renovate normal hair density to give an attractive youthful appearance to the overall personality of a person. Precisely, in this method, the hair from the back and sides are surgically moved towards the top of the head in the arrangement of a tiny skin implant. As per a proven scientific fact, the hair on back are naturally encoded to grow a lifetime i.e. it will remain growing even though they are relocated to a different position.

Hair Transplantation Candidates:

Known as a reliable baldness treatment, hair transplant procedure can be taken by almost every person who is experiencing baldness and excessive hair loss. It should be noted that the early hair loss begins, the more serious situation will become. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that people should opt for this treatment as soon as they detect the early signs of baldness. This procedure is apt for people who have baldness issues or who want to enhance their hair growth.

Hair Transplant Procedure:

The miraculous hair transplant treatment is done by graphing follicle-filled membrane from other parts of the body and planting them in areas that need more hair growth. The follicles will cultivate in the new area it is planted on and gradually, hair will grow back in that area. This is a very simple technique that doesn't even necessitate patients to go under the knife. Under local anesthesia, the donor hair grafts are reaped from a strip of skin, which is usually taken from the area between ears depending on the extent of hair grafts. The strip is divided into various small units of skin or implants, each comprising of 1 to 3 hairs i.e. the follicular units. The recipient sites are shaped in the area of hair loss by making small slits in the patchy or bald skin. The size of each site is just like the size of opening made by the needle used when blood is drawn from your arm. After this, each of the grafts is cautiously placed into each recipient site. The donor site, which is at the back of the head, is not visible. After a period of 3 to 4 months, the transplanted hair starts growing and continues to grow half inch per month for the rest of life.

After Care and Recovery:

For the few nights after your hair transplant surgery is performed, it is advisable that you should sleep with your head elevated on pillows. The morning after hair transplant procedure, you need to remove the headband and shower and also shampoo your scalp three times, but this is just required for the first day. Medication is given for sound sleep and if the patient experiences pain, if the doctor considers it necessary. In most cases, antibiotics are generally not needed. In the next week, you should shower twice a day. You will have to gently clean the transplanted area with a special shampoo. Also, after your first shower, no further bandages will be required. It should be noted that intake of alcohol must be avoided for next 5 to 7 days after the transplantation and smoking for at least next 2 weeks as these can be hazardous for you. When in going outdoors in bright sunlight, you must wear a hat. Further, after two weeks you are allowed to use a sunscreen with a SPF of 30+.

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Duration of Procedure:The duration of the surgery is usually 7 to10 hours, depending on the number of hairs transplanted.

Anesthesia:Local anesthesia is used.

Recovery Time:Can resume your work and routine life from the next day itself. And also can shampoo after 3 days.

Longevity of Results:The procedure will deliver permanent and effective results and the resultant hairs will be natural.