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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- India

Having a lot of body hair can be disconcerting as an extremely hairy body can rob you of your smooth and beautiful look. Undoubtedly, it can be painful and tedious to remove the stubborn body hair growth and maintain your pleasing personality. In certain situations, excessive hair growth on different parts of your body might even lead to a fall in your self-confidence level and self-esteem as well. This is because the unwanted hairs on your body will make you self-conscious about your own appearance. Considering all this, it becomes a matter of great concern for people to get rid of such unwanted body hair growth so that that can they can look beautiful and have a charming skin. There are numerous methods of hair removal that people practice such as waxing, shaving, bleaching, plucking etc. However, they are all temporary and painful procedures and no one likes to deal with such painful and complex methods of hair removal. Shaving can be tiresome, and can even be painful at times if you cut yourself. Waxing is also excruciating, and can be costly to maintain. Moreover, if you have an-enormous area on your body that you would like to have hair removed from, such as your back or chest, shaving and waxing both can be time consuming.

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The desire for permanent and pain less laser hair removal in both men and women has generated a worldwide craze for laser hair reduction. Popularly known as painless laser hair reduction, this technique has seen such a gush in popularity. This procedure assures quick removal of hair from the root, and makes sure that the hair grows back very sluggishly. This abolishes the need for frequent and expensive maintenance or painful hair removal techniques.Though, this technique is popular among both men and women, but, it is interesting to note that a significant percentage of laser hair removal clients are men. Men see lasers as a perfect substitute to shaving or waxing when it comes to removing annoying hair from the back, chest and legs. Laser hair removal for men is a very common and popular treatment, just like laser hair removal treatment for women.

What is laser hair removal?

laser hair reductionThere are many people who look for a permanent or long-standing way to remove unwanted body hair. Such people turn towards this procedure for relief. Laser hair removal is the technique of confiscating unwanted hairs from a particular body part by destroying hair follicle through laser light. Basically, laser hair removal systems release a moderate beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The hair absorbs it and the energy from the laser is converted into heat and the hair follicle is disabled.

Laser hair reduction treatment is an-unwavering procedure to avert hair growth for more time at treated areas of the body. It is an effective, harmless and best technique known by far to remove undesired body hairs everlastingly. This procedure can be usedsecurelyon all body parts including legs, back, underarms, stomach, arms, face and also from bikini line area. In Delhi, Permanent and pain free laser hair removal is a progressively popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure that many people prefer to opt for to remove unwanted and annoying hairs from body parts and they don’t have to worry about the regrowth as well.

Laser hair removal candidates

Undoubtedly, laser hair removal also known as laser hair reduction is a non-intrusive and placid technique that can lessen undesirable hair from most parts of the body and provide totally fresh radiant look to the skin. It can treat larger areas excellently because it inactivates more than one hair at a time. It can also substitute waxing, electrolysis, blenching,shaving and plucking. Consider the following conditions if you wish to determine that if you are a good candidate for this treatment:

  • You have uninvited facial or body hair that makes you feel embarrassed and insecure, you can undergo in Delhi for full body laser hair removal
  • If you have excessive and dark hair growth in the bikini area, you can choose for bikini line laser hair removal
  • If you have unwanted hairs in the underarm that prevent you from wearing sleeveless, you can go for underarms laser hair removal
  • If you are a man and have unwanted hairs on back and chest, you can opt for chest laser hair removal as well as back laser hair removal in Delhi at Sculpt Clinic.
The Procedure

permanent hair removalThe technique to be performed of laser hair removal treatment depends upon the patient prerequisite and also on the area being treated. The process may take a time from several minutes to several hours to complete. Laser treatment operates on a low vitality laser beam. This beam or laser ray passes through the patient's skin and is attracted to the colorant of the hair. The energy passes through the hair channel and gets absorbed by the hair follicles that are in the vigorous growth phase, thereby disabling the hair follicle present at deeper level of the skin. The hair glands which are in latent phase do not get affected from the treatment. In most cases, slight pain is experienced by the patient and no anesthesia is necessary.

After care and recovery

Patients must use sunscreen for the area treated that may be showing to the sun. It is advisable to avoid going out in sun for at least 3 to 4 days after procedure. This is because there are probabilities of little itching in the treated area in some cases, so it must be avoided as it may damage the treated area. Circumvent bleaching until few weeks after the laser hair reduction treatment. You are advised not to apply deodorant until after 24 hours of treatment on the treated skin area. Also use a moisturizer in between treatments to help fight dryness.

If you wish to undergo laser hair removal treatment in Delhi, India then your apt choice should be Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. It is the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi that uses the most advanced and FDA-approved SCITON Laser hair removal for absolutely pain free and permanent reduction of hairs. In India, only SCULPT Clinic has this fourth generation technology in which, hair follicles are heated to a suitable temperature for fast and stress-free hair removal and can be used on all skin types including delicate skin.

You can visit our clinic for detailed info and thorough examination to get an initialed treatment plan.


Duration of Procedure:   Few minutes to hours (depends).

Anesthesia:   Topical cream

Recovery Time:   1 day

Longevity of Results:   Permanent