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Healthy and glowing skin is what all of us desire as it affects our appearance and our personality too. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, providing 12-15% of our body weight and a surface area of about 1 to 2 square meters. Not only does the skin envelop our organs, offering them protection against minor scratches and blunt force trauma, but, it also works dedicatedly to dissuade pathogens that might enter in our body through the skin. When our skin undergoes an injury, it naturally interweaves together to form scars. In such cases New Delhi based dermatologist will help you.

Scars or blemishes can have an immense impact on us and are responsible for not only physical damage, but psychological as well. Anyone who has a scar, big or small, will find their lives affected every day by embarrassment, discomfort, lack of confidence and even occasional pain. Scars can be developed in several ways, for example from our infantile burns, surgery or peculiar injury. Stretch marks and acne are also a form of scars. Facial scarring and disfiguring either from accidents or acne can not only be physical but also emotional distressing. Eliminating or curtailing the scars can remove stigma and long apprehended memories.

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Those of us, who are susceptible to severe acne, have facial scars or are affected by other skin conditions that require medical treatment want a solution to their problems, sensitive skin care and sensitive dermatology, are the best options for them. Dermatological innovations have advanced our skin concepts and there are many types of sensitive skin treatments available in Delhi, India that can help us in removing scars and acne marks meritoriously.

Birthmarks Removal Treatment

Birthmarks is generally a discoloration of the skin surface, which can be due to multiplicity of causes including an infrequent alignment of blood vessels or a localized excess of the pigmentation that gives skin its color. Birthmark removal laser treatments are best suited for the deletion of all such sorts of birthmarks in Delhi. Laser treatment may sound a bit intricate, but it is truly very sophisticated and a procedure free from complexities. It implicates using a tailored light wave that is right for the detailed coloration of the birthmark, a little like broadcasting sound at a certain frequency. Over the sequence of several treatments, the laser breaks down the coloration so that the mark diminishes and merges in with the adjoining skin, without leaving any scars.

Warts Treatment

A wart is a small, uneven and usually rough growth on the skin, just like a solid blister. It is majorly instigated by a viral infection, unambiguously by one of the many types of human papillomavirus (HPV).The treatment for warts removal usually includes bleomycin, which is vaccinated into a wart to kill a virus, and Aldara, an immunotherapy medicine that comes in the form of a prescription cream. Aldara is specified for genital warts but it is very modestly effective on other types of warts as well.

Warts treatment in Delhi is done by initially applying anesthesia cream so the pain is negligible. Taking proper rest and considerable relaxation time is necessary after treatment and ointment is given for care. Control of depth depends upon the skin.

Mole Removal

Moles (nevi) are growths on the skin and are frequently very common with almost most of the individuals. Most people have between 10 and 40 moles on their overall body. A person can develop new moles from time to time, till the age of 40. The procedures and mole removal treatments to treat moles are usually performed in the office of the doctor or dermatologist and take only a short time. Some of the mole removal procedures are:

Surgical excision:

Under this procedure, doctor cuts out the mole and a nearby margin of healthy skin with a scalpel or a sharp punch device. Stitches are used to close the skin.

Surgical shave:

Under this process, doctor anesthetizes the area surrounding the mole and then uses a small blade to cut around and below the mole. This technique is mostly used for smaller moles and doesn't involve sutures.

Keloids Treatment

Keloids are considered as the types of scar that do not know when to stop. A keloid, sometimes are stated to as a keloid scar. It is a tough heaped-up scar that grows quite brusquely above the rest of the skin. It usually has a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Keloids are mostly erratically shaped and have a tendency to increase gradually. Unlike scars, keloids do not diminish or subside over time. Though, scarring is very natural and is a part of the healing process, but, keloids are one of the serious forms of scarring. In few cases keloids can also cause burning sensation and pain. In many cases it expands as a red raised lump on the skin. Keloids can appear in any part of body and in most of the cases, they become abnormal scars going beyond the edge of an original injury.

At SCULPT Clinic, South Delhi Keloid injections are one of the most common methods. They can be treated by first freezing it, and then injecting medicine to melt it. Keloid Laser treatment is also one of the popular methods to remove the keloid at once and the results are good if surgery is performed by the experienced hands. The doctor decides on the method depending on the size, site, and number of keloids and even age of the keloid. Moreover, age and general health of the patient is also taken in the consideration.

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo results in De-pigmented or white patches of skin in any whereabouts on the body. Vitiligo treatment can take as long as six to 18 months and the doctor might need to try more than one treatment before it is learn which one suits you the best.

Topical corticosteroid therapy:

Milder topical corticosteroid cream or ointment is generally prescribed for children and also for people who have large areas of de-pigmented skin.

Excimer laser treatment:

this Vitiligo laser treatment can be used mostly on small areas of Vitiligo, and is often used in grouping with topical drugs. Few side effects caused by this treatment are minor redness and blistering.

Autologous skin grafts:

This type of skin grafting uses one’s own tissues. The doctor will confiscate tiny pieces of skin from one area of the body and will attach them to another. This procedure is usually taken into thought when you have small patches of Vitiligo. Doctor removes very small sections of normal, pigmented skin, often containing a small hair, and places them on areas that have lost their color.

Blister grafting:

Under this Vitiligo removal process, doctor will create blisters or eruptions on the pigmented skin, initially by using suction. Then, the tops of the blisters are removed and relocated where a blister of equal size has been created and removed in an area which has no pigment or proper color.


Scarring is a very natural part of the healing course after an injury. Given below are the options of scar removal treatments with the help of which, scars can be eliminated successfully. To undergo for such procedures plan your treatment with best dermatologist in Delhi, India.