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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Delhi-India

Every person desires to possess young and fresh looks. Age constraint is one of the major factors that prevent people from turning this dream into reality. Apart from different body parts and organs, skin is the most vulnerable body feature prone to the undesirable effects of ageing. Most people over 30 begin to see disturbing signs of facial aging and sun damaged skin. The root cause of skin wrinkles and skin aging changes is definitely loss of collagen in the skin. The bitter reality is that you cannot avert wrinkles and other signs of ageing from being prominent. Natural progressions that take place in the body, for example, the dehydrating of oil secretion glands and the decline in collagen production are inevitable. Collagen present in the deep layer of our skin delivers moisture, nutritional provision, skin plumping and elasticity and is the firmness and skin tightening constituent of our skin. As we grow in age, exposure ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight, presence of contaminants in our diet and environment, and adoption of unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and tanning- all contribute to the demolition of collagen in our skin. When collagen is vanished, our skin loses texture, resistance and fullness, and as a result, we get wrinkles and sagging skin.

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Some people have sagging skin or lines on the face that give them a worn-out look, while others may have leftovers of blemishing from acne. All this prevents them from having healthy looking and young skin. If you want a vivid change in your appearance, laser skin resurfacing in Delhi at Sculpt may be an right option for you. This procedure can help reduce and even remove certain blemishes, leaving you with younger, fresher, and improved looking skin and a smooth skin tone.

What is skin resurfacing?

Skin problems are extremely common, especially acne and wrinkles. However, many can be treated with skin resurfacing treatment. If you are uncomfortable and distressed with the way your skin looks, skin resurfacing treatment in Delhi at Sculpt can revitalize your exterior layer and give your appearance a refreshing alteration. Elaborately, we can say that skin resurfacing is a low invasive cosmetic procedure that can intensely improve the overall appearance, quality, and texture of your skin along with perceptibly reducing the age related problems. After undergoing a skin resurfacing operation, you may feel younger as well as more confident and it can also help you get rid of many kinds of skin imperfections.

This treatment is primarily developed to diminish cosmetic flaws. Additionally, it eliminates wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, marks and fine lines that appear on the face from aging, elongated exposure to the sun and other environmental factors. Skin resurfacing surgery has been an important achievement in the cosmetic surgery sector and many people, including both men and women undergo this so as to bring their young-looking facial appearance back.

Skin resurfacing candidates

Skin resurfacing can be chosen by a person of any age and any skin type. The best part about this treatment is that the patient doesn’t needs to worry about his or her age for undergoing this miraculous surgery. Further, a person can be good candidate for skin resurfacing if he or she has one or more of these conditions:

1: crumpled or sun-damaged facial skin,

2: perpendicular wrinkles around mouth, such as those that cause lipstick "bleed"

3: fine creasing or wrinkling on upper eyelids

4: Your skin is blemished with brown spots

5: You have mutilations that have made the surface of your skin rough

6: You have sure precancerous skin developments

7: You have acne or chicken pox scars and even apparent facial scars from a past injury.

Face resurfacing procedure

There are several methods of skin resurfacing. The way in which the membrane's layers are damaged distinguishes the various resurfacing methods and determines which one a patient needs to undergo. The three most common techniques are chemical peeling, that involves the application of a caustic solution, dermabrasion, which makes use of high-speed rotary wheel, and laser resurfacing that uses a laser beam on the skin.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel solution may be applied to the whole face or just on some regions, which needs to be treated as per the patient's requirement, such as the crow's feet area around your eyes or the vertical wrinkles near your mouth. The doctor will decide that how long the solution should be left on your face by cautiously observing any changes in the appearance of your skin.


In the process of Dermabrasion treatment, an injury is formed on the area to be treated similar to scraping your knee. This technique uses a small, briskly spinning wheel with a roughened surface similar to fine-grained sandpaper to scrape the skin for removing the upper layers of the area to be treated. Sometimes, this resurfacing procedure is chosen for treating the facial scars which are commonly caused by acne and the technique is often executed on the cheeks or the entire face.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing basically has two forms. In the first form, a uniform injury is created in the area to be treated, just like in the case of deeper chemical peel or dermabrasion. In the second form, the laser beam is used to drill petite holes into deeper layers of the skin. Like the other resurfacing approaches, the laser resurfacing is also operative in treating crinkles, blotchiness or age spots, and scars from acne or other reasons. It can be used on the entire face or some specific areas, which are thought to be treated.

Post procedure Care

For successful healing, it is important that patient must evade direct or indirect exposure of skin to the sun until all the soreness or pinkness of the treated skin has lessened. It is advisable for you to protect your skin from any external damage. If your eyes are treated, then, you need to wear superior quality sunglasses when going outside. After going through skin resurfacing treatment, you have to be extremely careful about revealing your skin to chlorinated water.

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Duration of Procedure:1min – 1hour (depends on patient and the skin problem)

Anesthesia:General/Local with sedation

Recovery Time:Few hours to 1 day. Patient can resume regular work immediately.

Longevity of Results:Lasts for long years (though, aging can affect).