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Thermage Skin Tightening in Delhi-India

It is very true that young people hardly worry about wrinkles and drooping of body skin as their skin gets plenty of natural proteins which make it smooth, lenient and flexible. Two major proteins i.e. elastin and collagen impart the skin its tone and consistency. However, another hard fact is that aging of the body as well as face is inevitable and it leads to loss of elasticity and resistance of the skin due to substantial decrease in production of elastin and collagen in the body. As a result, you experience cracking, sagging and parchedness of skin mainly on arms, around breasts and neck.There is nothing more irritating and annoying than the facial lines and flaccid skin that begin to form around the mouth, eyes, and neck as we approach an older age. Many a times, loose and saggy facial skin makes us look older than our actual age and this deeply hurts our high self-confidence that is anybody’s biggest strength to face the outside world.

Interestingly, collagen is a building block that provides structure to skin. With age, collagen fibers start to shrill, contract, and rigidify. The epidermis wrinkles, collapses, and finally begins to slump as a result of this collagen shrinkage. Thermage is a miraculous process that can constrict the skin area and tighten it upto diminish wrinkles without the intrusiveness of a face lift. This technique consists of using radio waves to firm and revitalize the skin on the face, abdominal area, knees, legs,arms or butt. The method is worthy for those people who don’t want a full face lift, but still want to invigorate their face and body and reduce the crumples and eradicate the distressing signs of aging. Thermage performs its job by motivating the production of collagen fibers with safe and harmless radio frequency technology. This stimulation aids considerable health and growth of collagen fibers, thus, tightening the skin and decreasing wrinkles.

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Non-surgical skin tightening procedures have become very prevalent in the recent years as they provide a non-surgical alternative to more hostile or invasive procedures for amending skin sloppiness and improving skin superiority. At Sculpt Clinic, Delhi, Many people opt for Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment so as to get back their young and vibrant skin textures as well as tone back.

What is Thermage Procedure?

If you are looking for a fast and operational approach of tightening your skin without the use of injections, incisions, and no downtime, then, the thermage facelift in Delhi at Sculpt by best thermage doctor, Dr. Vivek Kumar may be a right solution for you. This non-surgical procedure has been approved by the FDA and is counted among the top cosmetic procedures that people can opt. It stretches the sagging areas on the face and the body by remolding and solidifying the present collagen and also helps in increasing collagen production. Your skin can gain that younger and healthier glow that you are seeking with this treatment.

Thermage, non-surgical skin tightening procedure asserts to tauten and tone drooping skin on the face for a more revivified appearance with just one treatment and no downtime and this is the biggest benefit of thermage. This method, also renowned as ThermaCool or the Thermal Face lift, is usually a procedure that uses radio-frequency energy in order to suave, rejuvenate and tighten the skin of the patient’s face. Thermage, the non-surgical skin tightening procedure, is one of the safest techniques that you can undergo to make your neck, jaw line and chin tighter and even for lifting your upper eyelids or the furrows below.

Thermage Treatment Candidates

Thermage is considered as one of the best options by people who are fed up of the prominent ageing signs that reflect on their face and wish to get rid of them in a safe way. You can go for this treatment under the following circumstances:

1: If you have trivial to reasonable slack skin on your face, neck, arms or belly

2: If you have residual skin sloppiness after an operative procedure or any surgery

3: If you would like an enhancement in the quality and texture of your skin

4: If you are unable or do not want to undergo a more invasive medical technique to correct or improve your skin laxity

Thermage Procedure

Before the procedure begins, the area to be treated is washed of makeup and skin creams. Then, the treatment area is measured and marked for better clarity. After this, the thermage procedure begins and the top sheets of the skin are sheltered with a cooling spray. Radio frequency energy infiltrates deep into the skin's tissue, heating the treatment regions and stimulating collagen production significantly. This is done with the help of a specially designed instrument. The heat constituent acts upon the skin’s lower layers, which in turn causes the skin to tighten and it stiffens instantaneously. The thermage procedure is a casualty process that normally takes 15 minutes to an hour, based on the amount and extent of the area that has to be treated. The sensation sensed during the Thermage procedure is frequently described as a diminutive, deep heating responsiveness. To guarantee comfort and protect the skin,the doctor incessantly utilizes a cooling spray throughout the whole procedure.

Thermage is usually performed by a technological breakthrough called the ThermaCool TC system. ThermaCool TC is a patented Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) technology that is crafted to tighten and stretch facial tissue. The patented ThermaTip wand guides radio frequency energy through the skin and it heats deep skin layers while guarding the skin's surface with a chilling action.

After Care and Recovery

Nonsurgical skin tightening procedures have nominal recovery and you are generally able to recommence full activity straightaway after the treatment. You may notice an instant enhancement in your skin, but your results will get more prominent over a passage of two to six months. Directly after the treatment, you may experience skin inflaming, swelling, and even unresponsiveness at the treatment area. Make sure to follow all the precautionary instruction given by your doctor.

If you are looking for Thermage face lift procedure in Delhi, India, then Sculpt Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India is the best option that you can choose. Get a personalized treatment plan with best non surgical skin tightening surgery specialist and thermage doctors in Delhi India.


Duration of procedure:15 minutes to an hour (depends)

Recovery time:Minimal recover time