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Thread Lift and Body Contouring in Delhi-India

It is undeniable that having a pleasing outer beauty reflects our inner beauty and is often vital to our self-esteem. Having high self-assurance and pride in ourselves makes our survival much happier and more gratifying. This confidence is well imparted by youthful skin and a perfect body contour.The search for eternal youth is a never ending quest for an individual who is facing the challenging phase of ageing in life. Many people in their middle years become disheartened about their ‘jowly’ appearance. Sagging skin is an inevitable part of aging and even people who have looked after their skin conscientiously all their lives are not resistant to skin sag in their late forties or fifties. Flaccid skin is merely the consequence of gravity over time and seems to affect the face more strikingly as it cannot be obscured by makeup. In the area of skin aging, wrinkles are the major enemy of a radiant, young-looking appearance. When the collagen levels of the skin decline with age or due to sun contact, the skin loses its elasticity which results in wrinkles or untimely aging. This also affects the whole body physique and body contour.

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In several cases, non-surgical or stiflingly invasive methods of removing wrinkles may deliver very good results. A Thread Lift in Delhi at Sculpt is a great option for everyone who wants to look more youthful and pulsating but doesn’t want to go through the all-encompassing recovery that a regular operating lift requires.A contour thread life operation is the best option that helps to eradicate and remove the signs of maturing that show up on a person’s face. Facial structure, saggy skin, and wrinkles are common signs that can be successfully dealt with through this procedure. A thread facelift is an efficient substitute to a surgery, and the time required for results to get visible is marginal. For a contour facelift, distinctive clear threads are used. These threads help in diminishing the smidgens that such a surgery leaves on the person’s face.

Apart from giving you younger looking skin, non-surgical and less invasive methods are also useful for people who wish to get slim and a perfect body silhouette without much effort. We all would agree that the world today is infatuated with slim and trim figures. Gaining additional weight even if it is a few kilos can be a frightening thought for many. Nobody these days has time for exercise and body maintenance regime. This gives way to cosmetic surgeries that can make you beautiful without the sweat and pain. A non-surgical body contouring surgery or non-surgical body sculpting is just like a boon for many such people.

What is thread surgery?

Thread lift is a marginally intrusive cosmetic procedure that produces instant results. The procedure involve the use of thin threads or stitches that are placed under the skin and tautened over a period of time to lift and tug the skin to give a smooth, crumple free appearance. Thread lifts are implemented with the use of local anesthesia. This method is regarded as a more reasonable and easy to perform alternative to a full face lift.

The thread lift, also known as contour lift or Russian threads, is great for those who tremble at the thought of a surgeon’s knife, cutting into the skin of their face,no matter how skillful the surgeon might be. Other gratuities or amazing advantages of this treatment are less uneasiness and the much smaller downtime needed after this non-surgical option. Thread lifting surgery in Delhi at Sculpt, is the latest innovative and exciting method that aims to reduce the signs and distressing marks of aging by uplifting sagging tissue in the brows, mid face and cheeks. The threads can also relocate the brow and make pliable the appearance of jowling. In selected cases, threads may also be used to tighten and strengthen loose neck skin, saving the necessity of a formal frontal neck lift. It should be noted that the contour thread lift is not designed to supplant a full surgical face lift. However, it can effectively address moderate sagging of the face and brow.

Thread surgery candidates

The ideal patient for this surgery is usually between 35 to 45 years old and has started to lose their facial stout, resulting in a more protuberant jaw, marginally drooping cheeks, and some under-eye bagging. Moreover, if you feel that that your face does not replicate your youthful spirit and energy level and even if you conclude that your sagging face and excess skin is a social or career impediment, you should surely opt for non-invasive body contouring or thread treatment. Apart from this, people who wish to attain a perfect figure without much dieting and workout can also undertake body contouring surgery. This surgery can help many people to reform body features that cannot be enriched by other measures. Body contouring can vividly mend the shape and proportion of your body, augmenting your appearance and advancing your self-confidence.

Thread lift procedure

A contour thread lift begins with the physician using a thick and hollow needle to introduce a thread into the facial skin to target its underlying fat layer. After this, one end of the thread is then knotted to deeper and stronger internal structures in the face while the other end of the thread moves under the skin about four inches. When the needle is being withdrawn, hooks on the stitches deposit themselves in the limp-portions of the face. Then, the surgeon softly wrenches on the thread. This lifts the slack skin to a more youthful point. The new collagen that naturally develops around each thread will uphold the lifted effect for years to come. Generally, a least of four threads is desirable to achieve preferred results.

After care and recovery

To avoid the threads from approaching out of the skin, the patient’s face must be kept immovable for several days after the procedure so that the threads won’t be dislocated. Your doctor will advise you to abstain from laughing and you should talk to a minimum level. Patients are also told not torub their face and also not to open their mouth too wide. You can get back to normal work schedule within three days.

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Duration of procedure:less than an hour

Recovery Time:2-3 days

Longevity of Results:3-5 years